Brand Naming Influence

Brand Naming Influence on Business

Brand naming is one of the most important aspects of any business. However, naming things may sound easy but it is pretty brainy. When you name something it should anchor to the minds of people and directly make a connection. Any place is named after a person, monument or anything that relates to the place. Same way, keeping your child’s name is also a thinker as the name will represent the personality of your child. Therefore, a name is anything that identifies the personality or someone/ something is known by. 

But how come deciding a name is a difficult task? Well the answer is simple to that. To decide, a name should have a deep background of meaning that relates to you. Keeping a brand is the same. The name of your brand/ company/ product or service is the first thing that comes across in people’s minds, however a name should be striking, easy, unique and memorable. But when brand name must be easy then why is it brainer. 

About Naming

Names and words don’t exist in a vacuum. It is important to respect the history and associations that people have with them. However, brand naming is as difficult as building your brand in the existing market. But not to worry, here are some strategies & categories that will make it easier to understand. 

The name of a brand makes a huge difference in the success of a company, yet so many fail to place enough emphasis on its importance to their branding strategy. The purpose of naming is to clarify a strategic objective, not to evoke emotions or to play political games. You shouldn’t be tempted by the comfort and safety of the name – it is totally forgettable as well. There are 5 rules for brand naming that should be followed so let’s dive into this in detail.  

Readable & Writable Brand Naming

This is pretty obvious however the most neglected rule of brand naming. The brand should be easy enough for people to read and as well as write. Sometimes we may tweak the spelling of a certain word more than the actual spelling but it should not disappear the true meaning of it. For Example, Titan has recently launched a lifestyle brand called “Irth” however it is pronounced as “Earth” and the name signifies the thoughtfulness and attention put into the brand, which infuses both wonder and emotion. However, the brand name is easy, tweaked spelling for uniqueness and readable as well as writable. 


With the same example given in above para, Irth by Titan is of the unique name as they have tweaked the spelling of earth. These days being easy and unique is not a cakewalk. Uniqueness of your brand should reflect the meaning. Moreover it is very easy to get a domain of unique names. 

More examples of unique brand names: Nyka.

Short & Memorable Brand Naming

The longer the name, the harder for people to understand, grab. Moreover, longer names are also easily forgettable. Keep it short and memorable. Brands like apple, google, zara. These all brands are very easy for people to remember and they are short. 

Look for Inspiration- Build a Story

When you are thinking about a brand name, you can’t come up with anything. You should have a story behind your name that connects you and your brand and as well as should reflect the purpose of your brand. Like Mother Dairy, Nirma, Pizza Hut etc. 

Evoke Emotions, Feelings & Ideas in Brand Naming

Your brand name must evoke some ideas or feelings in the hearts of people. Let the tap of curiosity flow as they will make an effort to know your brand. 

While these were the rules of brand naming now let’s understand types of naming categories in which your brand name can fit in.

Founder’s Name 

One of the easiest and most used categories is keeping your brand name under your name – being the founder of a company. As Disney was named after Walt Disney, Cadbury was named after John Cadbury, and Tata Group after Jamsetji Tata. It is safer to play in the market. 

Descriptive Names

Descriptive names allow customers to easily identify the services a business has to offer, without being too specific. Since descriptive names are generic, they help brands be easily remembered. For example, Paytm, Googlepay, Body Shop etc.

Geographic Names 

The use of region, place or landmark in the brand name is considered a geographic name. In simple terms, a geographical brand name is a company title that connects an organization to a specific location, such as a state, country, or even an entire region. However, it is possible the brand can also be present at a different location under the same name. One of the great examples of geographic names is Amazon, the biggest online marketplace, the name is a location in South America having the biggest rivers and rainforest. However, the name was chosen to incorporate the vast size and scope of enormous rivers used as a metaphor for the biggest online marketplace.

Acronym Names 

Since names are supposed to be short and memorable, acronym names are the short form of the entire brand name. We are more striked with their short forms compared to their original name. For example BMW- Bavarian Motor Works, as the matter of fact we always say BMW and not the full form, we hardly remember the full form. ESPN- Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, H&M- Hennes, and Mauritz.

Playful Names 

Playful names are often made-up words or tweaked words that have no direct meaning to the company’s actual vision or mission. These names are fun, playful, and memorable however they are not right for every industry. To keep your brand name a playful one, A lot of research requires about the industry market and should have a memorable background story that connects your company. Playful names like Red Bull, Paperboat, Doritos, etc.

Brand Naming Influence to the End

The appropriate name speaks volumes about your brand and defines the objective of the brand. With a strategic naming process, you can build a long-term relationship with your audience. However you have to keep in mind that you cannot change your brand name frequently, so it really has to be something that goes a long way.

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