Packaging Design Prerequisites

Packaging Design Prerequisites

Packaging Design prerequisites are very vital before you start designing. Moreover, the packaging design is a significant element in your brand identity. The packet food you buy, the vitamins you take, your delivery package from the shopping site and mostly everything around you is surrounded by bags, packets, boxes or jars/bottles. Therefore, packaging design is more than just a cute little decoration but also a fundamental part of smooth customer experience that allures customers to buy the certain product from the shelf.

But to allure the target audience, your packaging design should speak without words, meaning, your design should be so strong that customers can’t resist picking it up. Knowing a few simple guidelines can make your packaging design receive, WOW! reaction. 

To make your efforts and concepts memorable, follow these 4 packaging design prerequisites before you design.

Know your Customer 

The first and foremost rule is to always study your audience. You don’t want to make a packaging design that doesn’t speak their language. Every age group has a different style and thought process. Always make sure that your design is communicating to the set of audience in a way that he picks up. Your customer profile is everything that will reflect in your packaging design. 

The Shape says it all 

While you design the package, be crystal clear about the shape of your product. The form affects the package and creates a limitation for your audience to choose. For example, if you notice the packaging of brand “Pringles”, it is simple yet meaningful. The designer has thought it through.  The cylindrical box of the brands lets you take one chip at a time and makes it less messy. Moreover, it is easy to carry, travel friendly and has a lid to close the cylinder box. You can always use the box after you eat all the chips from it. Therefore, this packaging design functionality is simple, usable and friendly. 

Be Reflective  

As a designer, you should know the brand story. It is impossible to design without precise knowledge of the brand. The packaging design should be the mirror image of your brand. Make sure that the packaging design shouldnt confuse your customer with the brand’s competitor. Afterall, the end user is the jury of your packaging design. Brand language must be reflected in the packaging design so as to know the brand holds the control. 

Printing is main Packaging Design Prerequisites

Your all efforts will go in waste if you print the packaging on a low quality of materials. This is the last stage of packaging design, then it immediately goes in the market to end users. Your users will effectively understand the difference between low and good quality of material. Besides high material, your design and concept will automatically reflect the brand and hit the target audience. 

Let’s Pack the Packaging Design Prerequisites

In general, there aren’t any rules, but if you don’t follow these golden rules, the packaging design will emerge in the market with noticeable mistakes which affects the brand. Mostly and importantly packaging design has three main pillars, i.e, the end user, the brand and the product. A hit packaging design will have all those factors. 

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